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Victor oladipo dating

Victor oladipo dating

'Masked Singer': Victor Oladipo on his time as Thingamajig, date with Nicole Scherzinger INDIANAPOLIS – Victor Oladipo is sorry for the lies. "Hopefully it's in the near future if the moment or opportunity presents itself," Victor Oladipo said of taking Nicole Scherzinger on a date. Fox's competition series, 'The Masked Singer' revealed the identity of Thingamajig as NBA player Victor Oladipo. Fans saw his showmance. Now that Victor Oladipo has revealed his identity, he's hoping to take the Singer': Victor Oladipo Wants to Take Nicole Scherzinger On A Date. Victor Oladipo on journey as Thingamajig with 'Masked Singer': 'I think But apparently, diving into the celebrity dating world isn't always what.

After Scherzinger spent the majority of Season 2 of The Masked Singer flirting with Thingamajig — who was unmasked as NBA player Victor Oladipo — fans are wondering if anything will come from the showmance. After Oladipo was unmasked, Scherzinger tweeted"It was such a pleasure to have you on the show [Victor Oladipo]!

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