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New dating show baggage

New dating show baggage

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Three contestants are then introduced, each accompanied by three pieces of baggage: a small one, a medium one, and a large one, with each one containing a corresponding secret. During the show, three possible secrets new dating show baggage the central contestant are given, one of which is the actual secret contained in their baggage. After the three other contestants are introduced, they each open the smallest piece of baggage, and explain the secrets they contain.

Only the three contestants know which piece of baggage belongs to whom. The person who claims the deal breaker baggage is immediately eliminated, and later backstage reveals the largest piece of baggage that would have been shown in the final round. The central contestant and two remaining contestants discuss the secrets in the medium pieces of baggage; the two contestants then plead their cases as to why they should be the central contestant's choice.

The two contestants then open their largest pieces of baggage and reveal the secrets they contain. The spin-off, entitled Baggage on the Road, follows an identical format to its predecessor while traveling to tape episodes in various U.

Contestants on this dating game show don't want to hear the elimination line `I'm sorry, but you have too much baggage'. How much is acceptable among three contestants in each episode is determined by the `dater', who hears the candidates'. I recently discovered the greatest show on television: Baggage. In case you're not, here are the, um, heaviest pieces of baggage in show history: It only gets bigger Topicsdating issuesrelationship issuesrelationshipssex. Everyone brings baggage into a relationship-but only on GSN's new dating game show BAGGAGE do three contestants and one 'dater' bring it. Jerry Springer is bringing new "Baggage" to the Game Show Network, with the network ordering 20 episodes of a spin-off version of the dating.

Jerry Springer to Host GSN's New Dating Show 'Baggage'; Premieres April 19