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Dating your employee employment

Dating your employee employment

If you approach one of your employees with romantic or lustful intent, they might not want it. You and the subordinate you're dating may genuinely fall in love. “If they share a professional background, they may also share an understanding of the work demands and the organizational culture,” says Amy.

Employment discrimination attorneys Eisenberg & Baum discuss when dating your employee crosses the line into sexual harassment and what to do about it.

A rigid zero tolerance policy may result in the dating your employee employment of two very good employees who fall in love with each other. Business Necessity: Think about your business justification for imposing a consensual relationship policy. Are any management employees involved in consensual relationships? Penalties for Violations of Policy: A policy that prohibits a supervisor from dating a subordinate must also describe the penalty imposed if the policy is violated.

When enforcing a "no dating" policy, the employer must be careful to penalize both sexes equally. Discriminatory Impact: Any "no dating" policy must also consider whether the policy will disadvantage certain employees.

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